What is wrong with you: Stigma on mental health


Keith has problem focusing and is very hyperactive at home and at school, his teachers told his parents to get him to get tested for ADHD, but they refuse they say they don’t like to label Keith and don’t want their son to treat differently. But the refusal to get a diagnosis is really limiting him on his school work. Then by first grade Keith got in trouble by hitting his classmate. So the teacher get Keith to go to the guidance counselors, fortunately the guidance counselor is a clinical psychologist, he diagnosed him with ADHD and was proscribed the drug ritulin, after all his parents accepted the diagnosis.

Why are people so stigmatize with mental health? Mental health is issue that most people don’t see because of the simple fact that we can’t see the inside the brain. The brain is [for most of us] is a mysterious place that you can’t come in. So even if it’s their own children who have ADD or autism they won’t consult a doctor. That is why people back then had gone through high school or even collage without really getting the diagnosis. If you don’t get any diagnosis, people with ADHD are smart but if they can’t focus it will lead frustration and self doubt. Young people are suffering without any diagnosis.

Note on Keith: the character Keith fictional

By Jonah Tenedora-Forte