Jake Barnett: AUTISM And Geneses


Jacob Barnett was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 his parents were told by doctors that he will not be able to do much but they wont believe that he can do that,,,,,, his IQ is probably higher than the fame scientist Albert EnstIain when ask if his is proud of his AUTISM he said that he won’t be able to do what he is doing if it doesn’t for his AUTISM……

Intellectual disability: who should be considered Intellectual disable


         Angelo 14, has a low IQ he couldn’t read and write well so he is in was labeled intellectually disabled but Angelo is really great artist, he is also great with friends. People consider him as dumb. His teachers told his parents he won’t do much.

        How can you tell if someone have an ID? It was really hard determine because there is no blood test to determine ID. But if it’s limiting a person’s prospects in life if they can’t socialize well, and has an IQ well below normal. A person who has severely autistic is one of the people I know that can have ID.

     Mental disability is one of the trickiest things, we now because it is this gray area. This is what I know that we shouldn’t conclude on the fate of those FOLKS.

Note on the character: ANGELO IS JUST FICTIONAL

By Jonah Tendora Forte

Autism: what will happen if autistic people when old?


    Adam 21, is severely autistic, he had gone through the school system until now. As his parents Paul and Cynthia get older they feared what will happen to their son, he is their only son, no one to care for him when they died. They planed as much as possible about Adam’s future they hired Cynthia’s cousin to look after him when they are not around, so that Adam can be familiarize with them being around.

       Autism is a lifelong condition there is no cure for autism. By the time the child is age 22, it’s the end of all the therapy. Do the law makers realize that? Why do they removed the benefits that they have, are they thinking that this kids are going to get better, some do, don’t get me wrong but they half at lease that won’t get better. How will they live alone?  The solution maybe is to build an ‘institution environment that you can put autistic people.

          Autistic children will be autistic adults, even people geniuses like Temple Grandin. So keep talking, keep moving forward for AUTISM.  

Note: the characters are fictional

By: Jonah Tenedora- Forte 

What is wrong with you: Stigma on mental health


Keith has problem focusing and is very hyperactive at home and at school, his teachers told his parents to get him to get tested for ADHD, but they refuse they say they don’t like to label Keith and don’t want their son to treat differently. But the refusal to get a diagnosis is really limiting him on his school work. Then by first grade Keith got in trouble by hitting his classmate. So the teacher get Keith to go to the guidance counselors, fortunately the guidance counselor is a clinical psychologist, he diagnosed him with ADHD and was proscribed the drug ritulin, after all his parents accepted the diagnosis.

Why are people so stigmatize with mental health? Mental health is issue that most people don’t see because of the simple fact that we can’t see the inside the brain. The brain is [for most of us] is a mysterious place that you can’t come in. So even if it’s their own children who have ADD or autism they won’t consult a doctor. That is why people back then had gone through high school or even collage without really getting the diagnosis. If you don’t get any diagnosis, people with ADHD are smart but if they can’t focus it will lead frustration and self doubt. Young people are suffering without any diagnosis.

Note on Keith: the character Keith fictional

By Jonah Tenedora-Forte