Education: Are grades important in success in “real life”


    Louis 11, loves being a kid, he loves basketball, baseball and soccer but he is not really interested in school so his grades are Bs or Cs. His mom was really worried about him; she figured if Louis doesn’t focus on his school work he can’t be succeeding in life, there’s no place for him. But is this a reasonable worry. Let me investigate.

     Don’t get me wrong, getting great amazing grades are really “plus factors in a kid’s life.” it gives kids a sense of accomplishment and it boosts child self-esteem. But getting good grades isn’t the only key to success in life. There are really more to grades than you really ever think. Grades are just written depiction of what is going on in a person’s head. Plus now a days the question is not “how smart are you” it is now how smart are you. We are moving from a grades paradigm to a talents paradigm. We are now leaving the narrow scene of intelligence. There is more to our kids than grades.

    Lastly, in a latest study done at Harvard School of Psychology that indicates that a children success in life, is not good grades it’s not how well can a child read by aged 3, it’s not about how well a child’s mathematical abilities is by age 4, but it’s how well can they talk to their doctors because they want know about their health and they can talk to a person that have authority. Plus kids self esteem, if they are contented with their selves they are meant to succeed in life.

By Jonah Tenedora- Forte 


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