Education: Are Ivy League schools better than public schools?


        Andrew 14 a sophomore is studying at one of the best and most expensive school in America, but he cannot cope with the demands of the school. He said to his mom he wants to be move schools, but his mom said NO ANDREW YOU’RE NOT LEAVING THE SCHOOL BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO GRAUDUATE HIGH SCHOOL THERE BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. But is it true that you will have a good life when you go to these kinds of schools?

    For me (while this is just my own personal opinion) school is not a factor in child success at school and in life. For me it’s all about skills learning to paint, play sports or play musical instruments especially people who have learning differences. While schooling is really very important don’t make it this thing that that will consume all of your child’s life there are more to in having good grades they should have the emotional skills to deal with a certain challenges of a life without you.

   By Jonah Tenedora- Forte 


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