Intellectual disability: who should be considered Intellectual disable


         Angelo 14, has a low IQ he couldn’t read and write well so he is in was labeled intellectually disabled but Angelo is really great artist, he is also great with friends. People consider him as dumb. His teachers told his parents he won’t do much.

        How can you tell if someone have an ID? It was really hard determine because there is no blood test to determine ID. But if it’s limiting a person’s prospects in life if they can’t socialize well, and has an IQ well below normal. A person who has severely autistic is one of the people I know that can have ID.

     Mental disability is one of the trickiest things, we now because it is this gray area. This is what I know that we shouldn’t conclude on the fate of those FOLKS.

Note on the character: ANGELO IS JUST FICTIONAL

By Jonah Tendora Forte


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