Autism: what will happen if autistic people when old?


    Adam 21, is severely autistic, he had gone through the school system until now. As his parents Paul and Cynthia get older they feared what will happen to their son, he is their only son, no one to care for him when they died. They planed as much as possible about Adam’s future they hired Cynthia’s cousin to look after him when they are not around, so that Adam can be familiarize with them being around.

       Autism is a lifelong condition there is no cure for autism. By the time the child is age 22, it’s the end of all the therapy. Do the law makers realize that? Why do they removed the benefits that they have, are they thinking that this kids are going to get better, some do, don’t get me wrong but they half at lease that won’t get better. How will they live alone?  The solution maybe is to build an ‘institution environment that you can put autistic people.

          Autistic children will be autistic adults, even people geniuses like Temple Grandin. So keep talking, keep moving forward for AUTISM.  

Note: the characters are fictional

By: Jonah Tenedora- Forte 


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