Celebrates With ADHD


    People with ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are highly creative and innovative; they can really change the world. There is no doubt that they are in movie, music and arts in general, here are three people that changed your believe on ADHD.

  • Ty Pennington- the host of the widely successful show on ABC Extreme Makeover- Home Edition, he was diagnosed at age 8 but was not told by his mom, because his mom doesn’t want know that he has ADHD because of the term back then, ADHD has this ugly name it’s called minimal brain dysfunction so she did not say anything, by aged 17 after he finish high school. She then kind of notice that that this will not change with age, so she sat him down she told him that to go to his doctor and his doctor said that he have ADHD and got him into riturin a stimuli drug that clams the brain down.
  • Adam Levine- singer/songwriter Maroon 5 a widely successful band has been diagnosed by aged 13 because he can’t focus in school, he thought that outgrow it. By the time he is ready to jump to the work place, it becomes so apparent to him that he hadn’t outgrown it. So he went to his doctor diagnosed him with Adult ADHD, he was given some coping mechanism to deal with his ADHD    

    These two men are widely successful but the still struggle with ADHD. So if you got diagnosed as a child [remember that 2/3 of kids doesn’t outgrow it] so talk to your doctor get this diagnosis and OWN IT, It will change your life for the better

By Jonah Tenedora Forte  


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