Don’t call us Mongoloid, we have Down syndrome


What is Down syndrome?

              Down syndrome is genetic disorder cause by an extra 21st chromosome [you should only have 2 instead they have 3] it occurs in 1 in every 691 births. So they are more than 400,000 people with Down syndrome living in the United States. Down syndrome affects all races, [black, white, Asian and Hispanic] and all economic background [rich poor and middle class]. In fact, it’s thought to be that only mothers over 40 have kids with DS but there had been a trend these past years that Down syndrome isn’t anymore for mothers who are much younger. In fact 80 percent of people with Down syndrome are born to parents that younger.

    People with Down syndrome have common traits like low muscle tone, small stature, an upward slant to the eyes, and a single deep crease across the center of the palm. People with DS have increased risk of   for certain medical conditions such as congenital heart defects, respiratory and hearing problems, Alzheimer’s disease, childhood leukemia, and thyroid conditions. In today’s medical technologies this can often cured. People with DS can live until their 70s. In fact the life expectancy is 25 in 1983 but in it’s like their 60s like a normal life expectancy.

   People with Down syndrome attend school, work and in some cases merry. They can live fulfilled lives. 



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