ADHD and the Job


     Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that is characterize by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. In the upside people with ADHD are creative, full of energy and tend to be risk takers, they like to outdoors and can really hold good jobs but the jobs that choice can make or break their lives.

    Here are the top three jobs for people with ADHD

  • Actors, artist, musician, photographers, interior designer- people with ADHD can use their creativity in this area. Plus they are out of the box completely. So get a creative job.
  • Police officer, first aid careers, fire fighters, military officers and TV war reporters- people with ADHD love a to take risk, they love being in the frontline of everything. Note: being a reporter is not for everyone on the ADHD spectrum because it requires organization but it can for people who have loads of organizational skills and who likes to multitask
  • Entrepreneurs- people with ADHD likes jobs that are build around there likes not there dislikes so being an entrepreneur is one of the great ideas.

To thrive in their chosen careers people with ADHD need love what they do. They also need to get diagnosed. Do not be afraid of the diagnosis because just knowing you have it can make your life so easy.


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