Positive aspects of ADHD


         People think that ADHD is just a bad thing that kids with ADHD can’t sit still can’t do their homework but think again people with ADHD, People with ADHD has a lot of positive attitude too. They can be creative they see the world in a deferent way.

    Children with ADHD when they like what they do can hyper-focus they have the energy to do the same thing for hours at times without drifting off. They have great artistic sense. They have are very resilient. When children with ADHD found their “calling” they can really be perfectionist. Children with ADHD have vivid imagination and quick to notice the mistakes that other people make. Children with ADHD are very persistent.

   Children with ADHD are very fun to be around they are full of energy, fearless and restless. You can really their fullest potential by channeling their energy in their interest. 


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