A look back at 2013


There are a lot to talk about this 2013, some are happy and some are tragic but these are the things to remember about in 2013…..

  1. Haiyan Struck Tacloban City- Tacloban City is a city of 250 thousand was struck by probably the biggest/strongest storm to ever hit a land mass. Tacloban was 95% flatten by Haiyan. At list 5000 people had died in the storm and the aftermath of it.
  2. Bohol Earthquake- A month before Haiyan the central Philippines, a 7.3 earthquake.
  3. Syrian Civil War- the war had began in 2011 but last year it broke off US president Obama wanted to strike off Syria but never succeed. 100 thousand people had died since the war started.
  4.  Boston Marathon Bombings- the bombing at Boston is first since the September 11 2001 terror attacks 3 people died and an estimated 200 people injured.
  5. Nelson Mandela died- the world morn the lost of an icon. An icon that was Nelson Mandela, Mandela is the first truly elected president of South Africa and its first black president. Mandela was 95 years old.

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