What does the repeal of DOMA means?


         DOMA means defense of marriage act 1995 was a former law in the United States that protects the right of every male and female right to get married and have the benefits of marriage. DoMA was signed in to law by former President Bill Clinton in the wake homosexuals wanting the right to married.   

       Although since DoMA was signed in to law the US has seen states like Massachusetts and New York pass a bill that allow gay marriage. Gay and lesbian couples will lose their benefit even if they were married in the said states, so if a gay couple likes to live in Las Vegas, they can have benefits like in New York.

        However in the summer of 2012, DoMA was repealed because the Supreme Court in a 5 to 4 vote it said it is UNCONSTITIONAL because it tampers with American first amendment right, in which guaranty the right to free speech in translate to on freedom to love the person that you love.

      DoMA’s repeal is a very good step towards Marriage equality in the US and around the world. I hope this for myself and for the people around that you can be who you are and love the person that you love for richer and for pourer till death do you PART, to be declared ‘Partners for life’ is one of the greatest things life has to offer. 


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