John Lennon and The Beatles on tour


    After the Ed Sullivan show, The Beatles became the world famous so they started doing stadium tours. The Beatles love it at first; well they went on to go to basically tour the world. The Beatles went to tour the states in Shea Stadium in 1965 with fifty thousand in attendance. The concert at Shea is an incredible moment for the four young man from Liverpool, That same year John and the Beatles where awarded the Member of the British Empire or MBE. The MBE is given to people of Britain that have expertly worked in war, public service, arts and sports. While on tour John’s baby son Julian and his wife Cynthia were often was left at home kept in the public eye. In early 1966 they went to do a couple of concerts in Germany, Japan and in the Philippines. There was an incident in the Philippines which they will never forget, The Beatles were invited by The President, President Marcos and his Family to visit the Malacanang Palace there has miss understanding in both parts. It did not turn out to be good for them. There were declared Persona no grata. The band decided not to play live after their last concert on August 29 1966 at Candlestick Park. Because they felt like they could not grow in the playing live gigs so they stop playing LIVE.


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