John Lennon the rise of the Beatles



   After the Beatles was discovered by Brian Epstein, They want a record deal. So Epstein bought the Beatles to Deca records. They were rejected saying that there is not enough room for so called guitar groups. The Beatles went on to go to Palaphone records, managed by record producer George Martin; George Martin said to Brian that he will take the band but he won’t take the Beatles drummer Pete Best. So the band fired Best and gotten Ringo Starr. And they went to record their first single climb the British charts, by 1963 The Beatles are in the top of their game, but John Lennon might blow their opportunity away he had gotten his girlfriend Cynthia Powell pregnant and by April of 1964 he welcome a son Julian, to the world. Fortunately for the Beatles their success grow and in 1964 their song I Wanna Hold Your Hand become number one in the US so they went, The Beatles had no idea on how much the band riches in the States. They were invited by talk and variety show host Ed Sullivan to go to his show the Ed Sullivan Show, which in up to this day they have most number of people that actually watch the said program, 72 million viewers tune in to see the Beatles perfume.  


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