Gay parenthood: Is it right



     When we watch such shows like Modern Family and The New Normal, you will probably notice a gay family. Do you know that this more common than usual since DOMA was replied last year. But is it right for the kids who are being adopted by gay parents? Let us investigate?

   Living with a mom and a dad is a natural because it gives children a more stable life, first of all children can relate more with others, They are more stable emotionally, they are less likely to be gay [although I don’t believe in] in the flip of the coin, Gay people had rights under the marriage equality act. Although I don’t this particular probation in the said law in every state that have same sex marriage. Gay people, who decide to have kids of their own, can be subjected to decimation and bullying due to their situation. I don’t think that this is particularly smart to have children at this point in History.

    I don’t want to sound as if I am not pro-gay people here, in reality I am pro gay and lesbian. but I really torn here in whether to agree on gay people having children, because I watched kids in gay parents who are bullied who are called deferent names just because they parents are gay. If you are single you can, but if you have a partner, please think about it very carefully because it your future child is very much a risk. 


One thought on “Gay parenthood: Is it right

  1. alexkellyoc

    Kids are mean to one another for different reasons. I, for example, was both a victim and a bully. It’s all about looks, likes & dislikes. Society’s afraid of the difference but without the difference the world would be only black & white. The grey element is so repressed that it makes me sick…
    Gay/lesbian couples have every right to have children. We’re as capable as straight couples when talking about raising up a child 🙂

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