John Lennon teenage years


    John Lennon is living with Aunt Mimi and Uncle George  who have no children, from the a aged of 5 in a middle class Liverpool house in middle school he was attending Quarry Bank, John loves music when John was 12 or 13 Uncle George gave him an harmonica. One night after eating diner Uncle George’s has a chest pain and collapse, he was died on arrival in the hospital; the only person that cares for him is dead. When John was 15 he was suspended and with that suspension he and his mother Julia reconnected, she gave him some banjo lessons and got John, his first guitar. John form a band called the quarrymen when Aunt Mimi new she gets really angry at John because she wanted John to go collage. John met Paul McCartney in a concert the quarryman did. At aged 17 his mother Julia died in a car accident. Two tragic events made a rebel. 


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