ADHD and home discipline


    As we all know it’s hard if you have a son or daughter has ADHD, ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder is a developmental disorder witch impairs a person’s ability to stay focus and stay still it also affects your discipline, why? Because a child with ADHD has a problem listening but with some tricks you can.

  • Ø First of all: be firm if you are firm in your decisions your child will not think you’re dumb because kids with ADHD Is really smart. The can outsmart you quickly if you are not as firm. They will think that you are joking.
  • Ø Secondly exert some effort on praising, sometimes parents only remember the bad things about their child with ADHD, if a child did a wrong thing it will be a big issue but if you leave out small things your child will have negative self image
  • Lastly be CREATIVE don’t give up, if other techniques, won’t work just do not give up create techniques that work for your child.

   Having a child with ADHD is hard but with a lot of love and patience your child will have a productive life. 


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