Pope Francis the road to Papacy: Pope Francis biography


Pope Francis was born Jorge Mario Bergorio on December 17. 1936 in Buenos Aires Argentina, He was the eldest of five children of Jose Mario Bergorio and Regina Bergorio. Young Jorge likes to play football, [AKA soccer]. He loves to sing and dance to traditional Argentinean music. Jorge attended school at Wilfred Baron de los Santos Angeles until high school. At aged 21 Jorge suffered Pneumonia that spread, he have an operation to remove the part lung.

The future pope studied seminary at Immaculate Concepción Seminary, he was ordain on December 13 1969. During the 1970s some say he left the Jesuits in the air during Argentina’s dirty war. He became Bishop in 1992 and then make into a Cardinal in 2001 by the late pope John Paul II he was known in Argentina as the ‘people’s cardinal: he takes a commute to work every day and he did not used the house of cardinals that the church provided for him.

2005, John Paul II died Jorge was a one of the favorites to be elected pontiff and he did not, some say that he came second to Josef Ratsinger or Pope Benedict XVI but no one is for curtain because they burn the ballots afterwards. But in early February of this year to the surprise of all Catholics, Pope Benedict resigns. In this conclave Bergorio at 76 he won the conclave after 5 ballots. He choose the name Francis after the Saint Francis of Assisi.


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