Are violent video games shaping the way children think?: a look at violent video games

  1.       There had been a lot of talk after the Newtown shooting about guns and mental health but there have a little talk about violent video games. As we all the shooter Adam Lanza is addicted to violent games. So I want to focus on what on the effects of those games on young children, children as young as 5 years old playing dose games.

       A child brain doesn’t fully develop until they are 25 years old. Playing those games will affect the critical thinking skills and decision making skills. It will make them violent. [When you play games your brain will thinks that you can really shoot people dead and it’s really cool to kill someone. Then they will do it in real life.

       How can you avoid these terrible things from happening? Supervise you child in playing games. Cheek the warning labels of games if  they are your child’s age level on it, so that the Sandy Hook shooting will never happen again.


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