George Harrison Biography


     George Harrison was born in February 25 1943 in Liverpool England to parents Harold and Louise he have 1 sister 2 brothers. George was the youngest. He was a good student studying at Dovedale Primary School. He passes his 11plus examination and went on to go to the prestigious Liverpool Institute. Where he met his future band mate Paul McCartney on the way to school George and Paul talk about stuff. While in school George draw guitars. His father brought him a guitar that Christmas. Meanwhile Paul join a band called the Quarryman and the band is looking for a guitarist Paul recommended George to John Lennon, George got into the playing a classic guitar piece called Runchy

The Quarrymen needed a guitarist when Paul introduces George; John Lennon thought that his too young but went on to get the gig. The Quarrymen changed its name to the Beatles, and gotten a drummer name Pete Best, and gotten a gig at Hamburg, but here is the catch the George is to young and got deported back to Liverpool.  Anyway the Beatles had gotten a manager. Brian Epstein but they couldn’t get a recording deal but one day they met George Martin a record producer, and said that he will sign them. But they should get a new drummer so the Beatles haired Ringo Starr. The Beatles become a powerhouse in the music in the 1960s; it meant world tours, albums sales, music videos and even Movies. But by 1965 the Beatles are feed up with all the attention so they decided not to tour. This what experts say as the greatest collection of music ever made. The Beatles in the studio become so unruly after Brian Epstein untimely death, Because of the dispute over their company Apple corps, that lawsuits are being fried. The Beatles disbanded on 10 April 1970 after only 12 years.

George has a really successful career after the band spit up in 1970. His 1970 album All Things Must Pass was number one in the billboard top 200 list. His sophomore album released in 1973 Living in a Martial World hit number one in the billboard top 200. His third album Dark horse hit number 4 on the billboard 200. George after Dark Horse has release 7 more albums. George’s single hit number 1 in the US billboard top 100 list, My Sweet Lord it’s his only number one.

    George met Patti Boyd on the set of A Hard Day’s Night; she is one of the school girls chasing the Beatles. They married on 1965 and began a life together but by 1975 they divorced. By 1977 George met Olivia Arrias, Olivia is a secretary for Dark Horse records they wed on 1978 they have a son Dhani. They live Happily ever after


George married Olivia in 1978 then there son Dhani came along that same year. In 1980 George published his Autobiography in titled I Me Mine. When John Lennon died in 1980 George was shocked by His passing, so he re-writes a song supposedly for Ringo Starr: creating a ‘Beatles Reunion’ for their fallen friend. In 1987 he released a critically acclaimed album Cloud Nine. In 1988, He founded the super group called The Traveling Willberrys with Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. In addition to his music career George was actively in producing wonderful movies trough his production company called Handmade Picture. George together with Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney did The Beatles Anthology project from 1994-1996, they recorded the songs Free As A Bird and Real Love.

    In 1997 George was diagnosed with throat Cancer that same year he underwent radiation therapy. On the night of December 30 1999 a mentally ill man named Michael Abram broke in to George’s house  Abram’s mission was to killed George, His wife Olivia restrain Abram until police arrived. George was deeply traumatized by the incident. George cancer reoccurred by early 2001 by October 2001 he was too sick to even stand up. George Harrison died in a hospital in Los Angeles on 29 November 2001. 


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