People that inspire-Magic Johnson


   I am a big Lakers fan and will always be. My favorite Laker is Earvin Magic Johnson not because of his playing skills but because of his life story, Magic grown up poor in Lansing Michigan in the 1960s. He used to clean offices during the weekends and seat at the CEO’s chair, but Magic had a skill, playing basketball which he hone when he run errands at home, he uses one hand with the basketball and other hand with the goods. He had gotten to High school and collage doing that. And he got to the NBA, when in the NBA he made everybody better be passing. He is what you call a role player, win five championships with the Lakers and five MVPs. But in 1991 he was diagnosed with HIV he needs to retire from the game that he loves. But he had shown that with HIV he can be courageous. He will not defeated by these deadly dieses. Today he is a CEO of his own company Magic Johnson Enterprises. He has the courage to stand up everyday not be depress, that is what is inspiring about MAGIC. 


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