Is there a relation between academic failure and parental pressure?


      The pressure kids faces this day is so bad, which at times these kids crack in to the pressure, and becomes really depress and worried about lingering grades or their future. A child whose parents are more involved to pressure not to guide is the one most likely to fail in later academic life. There is a big deference between guidance and pressure, Guidance is you are guiding them to the life that they want. Pressure is guiding them to a life that often times you want for your selves.

         What are the negative implications for a young child being pressured? A young child shouldn’t be pressured because a young child won’t understand, their world is play. Even if you are saying a word,” your actions speak louder than your words’ bare that in mind.  Your child will see himself as dumb, worthless and will have a poor self stem. You want your kids to succeed in later life not just at school? So don’t pressure them to excel at school but I know it’s hard. One study had shown, that although at earlier grade levels  pressured children will excel at school,  they will discontinued being a ‘straight A’ student by High school which is one critical period of a child life . Probably get tried at being ‘straight A’ student or they aren’t good enough to excel in High school level subjects.

   If your child wants anything that they want to be a “Photographer”, so be it. Don’t force them to a person in which they are not, it’s their life. 


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