Why are Filipinos so good yet so bad: inside the Filipino attitude


         In the midst of any tragedy you will know how people of that country deal with the situation. You can see the best and worst of that country had to Offer. The Philippines is no exemption. In the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan, where in much the western Visayas completely flatted. We had seen the best and worst of the Filipino people.  

       The Filipino people are probably the most resilient people any one will probably meet in your lifetime. Why, probably because The Philippines had been colonized three times, first by the Spaniards, next by the Americans and lastly by the Japanese then culminated in world war two. They are really used to typhoons and other natural disasters. Plus the Philippine government leaves its people all the time even at the best of times, I really mean is there is a lot corruption, the corruption in the Philippines bad.

       The worst aspects of the Filipinos attitude, is the corruption. Corruption seems to run in our skins, more so the Filipinos, but why?   I don’t know where it came from. But what I know is that the Filipinos is really corrupt, not just the government but its people. Little things, like when a school will charge a student for graduation fee 3000 pesos but the real expanse is about 600 pesos. I get it schools need to generate founds but if it’s too big, it’s called clear cut corruption. The Filipino people aside for being corrupt are opportunist; they will suck until the person will not carry on.   

 Warning:  These are general ideas of the Pilipino people, so don’t take this as an absolute fact. 


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