The greatest leader of the democratic world: a story of George Washington


      Who is the greatest American President? You will probably hear a Lincoln, a Kennedy or a Roosevelt; fine, they are amazing American presidents. But have you heard of the name George Washington, Washington is almost lost in this dissociation.

       Washington was born on February 22, 1733 in Virginia. His Dad a painter who died in when Washington was 11, a good thing that he has a brother named Lawrence who teaches Washington basic reading and math.  At the aged of 16 Washington works as surveyor. A few years later he was the leader of Virginia militia and become involved in the French Indian war. After the French Indian war Washington was elected into a legislative seat. Washington was named General and then the Revolutionary War happened. It is not looking very good for the Americans; they have lost a lot of battles. By Christmas day 1775 the won and by July 2, 1776 the declared independence against the British, he was elected into the presidency.

    A two term president, President George Washington; establishes roles that still exist today. He together with John Adams and Tomas Jefferson establishes the American constitution. Washington step down after 2 terms, he live it to the American public to choose who will be the next US president. Washington died of throat infection on December 14, 1799.

    George Washington is the greatest leader of the democratic world because he step down after two terms and he did not even think extending his term. And the fact he doesn’t have a predecessor to follow. Because of President Washington the Philippines have a Presidential form of government, base on America’s form of government. It’s because of George Washington the greatest US President 


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