The relation of a preschool education in a successful life


President Barack Obama in his State of Union Address earlier this year said that Congress should pass a Universal Pre-School bill. Why? Why it is necessary, what about preschool education is very important?

Pre-Kindergarten is basically very important because it helps the child to transition from home to a public school, and that transition is really hard on child. Plus some experts in this filled are saying Pre Kindergarten is the best way to teach children compaction because children’s brain are like a sponge they will not question what you are telling them.

Pre Kindergarten is the best way to detect and intervene on the child learning disability. Because according to some experts because like what I said a while that a child’s brain is sponge and therefore can pick up on some major details.

Pre-K students are more likely to excel at class and more likely to go to college. They have much higher IQ,

It’s your choice on whether to send your child to preschool. But there is a lot of benefits to preschool, so think about it.


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