Is Manila prepared for the BIG ONE?


    As we probably know that our country the Philippines is a disaster prone place in the world. We are prone to a lot of things; not just Typhoon but earthquakes and tsunami. Are we prepared for a magnitude 7.2 like what happened in Cabanatuan or Haiti? Are we prepared for a big tsunami like what happened in Japan?

    The Philippines is a member of the Pacific Rim of Fire it means that we are really vulnerable for earthquakes. Plus we are an island nation its makes us really a target for tsunami. Because of this we must be prepared for what might happen.

     What will happen to Manila if a magnitude 7.5 earthquake form the West Valley Fault struck? It will a total distraction, total ciaos with at list half of manila in complete darkness, tens of thousands will die instantly, tens of thousands of houses and buildings destroyed and hundreds millions of pesos in infrastructural damage. Manila and other provinces will be flattened for days, weeks, months or even years to come. We are not like Japan, in Japan a magnitude 7 is a no garner. In Japan what really killed people is the big wave brought by the tsunami. So we need to do what is right for our cities.

     If the Manila Trench in the South China Sea moves. It can really create an earthquake of up to about 8. 3 and like when the West Valley fault moves it can killed thousands of people.  And like a one two punch and it followed by a big tsunami.   

  Earthquakes are waiting games, how can we prepare for the BIG ONE? There is really no way to prepare for the BIG ONE because we don’t know how to even handle a big earthquake like that. But we can always pray to God that those earthquakes like this will not occur in our lifetime.  


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