Is a magnitude 10.0 possible: a look at earthquake in the past.


      As you probably know the world is made out of tectonic plates. And these tectonic plates when they move are called earthquakes. An earthquake can move up, down and sides wards. It can kill hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. Earthquakes are a natural recurrence for the earth, at least countless small quakes occur every day. Keep in mind, that the stronger the earthquake, the more damage.

     Can we prevent an upcoming earthquake?  No; we can’t even tell when a big one is coming, but as you probably we can minimize the deaths and injury by thousands; following the building code.

      The million dollar question, is a magnitude 10 or higher possible? Yes but it’s although it is very rare because there have been far too many components for that to occur. There should be the right fault or trench to rapture.  But there have been one event 65 million years ago, and it brought catastrophic and lost of life beyond everybody could imagine; it is the asteroid that whip out the dinosaurs. An asteroid can cause earthquake? YES sort of, because of its sheer force on the ground.

     What is the worse earthquake in modern tome? For me there are three, I break this into three subdivisions: magnitude, casualties and damages. 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami it’s at 9.3 in the Renter Scale it created a tsunami so big. 230,000 had died.  The Haitian earth quake 2010 at 7.0, Haiti is not peppered to began when it happen it cripple Haiti when it happened, it killed 360,000. 2011 The Japanese earthquake and tsunami, magnitude 9.1, Japan is the one the most technologically advance nation, but even they did not know that a big one is coming, the economic impact is unprecedented at about 200 billion dollars, it killed 21000 people.  

   Earthquakes are waiting games; you don’t know where the next big earthquake is coming. But with proper preparing we will lessen the economic lost and number of deaths. 


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