Transgender for dummies


     Who are Transgender people? Transgender People who have a disorder called gender identity disorder. So in lay men’s term is a person in the wrong body; a male trap in a female’s body and a female trap in a male’s body.

       What causes people to be Transgender? There is no definite cause today but there are only theories, theories like a chromosomal abnormality and brain hormones.

     How common is Gender Identity disorder? Like what I said there is no actual data but according to sources I got it’s very rare but there have been a huge uptick in past few years. And they are twice as much MTF male to female than female to male.

        At what aged should we know if a child is transgender? It depends, some children will tell you that are in the wrong body at around 2 or 3 years old. But in more hostel situations at adulthood, they know but they will not really tell you. 

      What are the indications that the child is transgender? Expressed desire to be the opposite sex (including passing oneself off as the opposite sex and calling oneself by an opposite sex name).  Disgust with their own genitals (Boys may pretend not to have a penis. Girls may fear growing breasts and menstruating and may refuse to sit when urinating. They also may bind their breasts to make them less noticeable.) They believe that they will grow up to become the opposite sex.

      What are the treatment options for transgender people? There is a little to no option for children but when they move from childhood to adolescence they start taking hormone blockers witch blocks the unwanted puberty. By aged 15 they can have the hormones that they want, like estrogen for MTF and testosterone for FTM. When they are about 18 they can chose to go under the knife,

   What if my son or daughter is transgender? Just give the love and support so that they will grow up to be a good and honorable people that the sociality wants them to BE.



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