eight days since the super typhoon struck the city of Tacloban in the province of Leyte and Gunoan in the province of Samar, but as we all know in 2009 metro manila have experience a one of a kind storm Typhoon Ondoy, so which is witch?  

 Here are the stats for Typhoon Ondoy

 Typhoon Ondoy struck direct to manila

Straight: 80kph

Death toll: 464

Damages: $ 237,141,524.35

Typhoon Yolanda struck direct to Samar and Leyte

Straight: as of 2013 Yolanda is the strongest storm at 230 KPH

Death toll: as of Friday November 15, 2013; 3631

Damages: US$ 236,924,831

There for I conclude that although Typhoon Yolanda is worst than Ondoy given its straight but when it killed almost 4000, but Ondoy killed not with the STORM SURGE but with its rain.

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