Blame game in the midst of Tragedy


       Typhoon Haiyan may dissolve but the people in my beloved country The Philippines is in dire need of food, water, medical supplies and shelter. The question people are asking is Where is our GOVERNMENT or Where is the sense of Bayanihan or [Brotherhood the Filipinos are known for] it so hard to explain to the people that in best of times have not receive any help from our government. There is a big deference between American soldiers and Pilipino solders, Yeah American Soldiers are a big help but the Philippine army gives a sense of security.

      The blaming game started when Philippine President “Noy-Noy” Aquino was interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour basically saying that it is the local government job to do the cleanup of Tacloban. But what the local government is saying is we are really overwhelmed by the dead bodies lying in the street. What are policies on this? Is the local government responsible of the clean up this? Yes, but when something catastrophic like this happen the local government the National Government must step in, for morality prepuces.  

    The bottom line is weather the local government’s or the national government’s responsibly, PEOPLE are dying they have no food, no water and no shelter, Tacloban City is in its knees we must help them in every way we CAN.

If you want to help us out, here:


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