A closer look at typhoons that pass the Philippines


           As we probably know the Philippines has always been a target of powerful storms, at list 20 storms pass by the country every single year. But Haiyan is very different; it is the strongest storm of the strongest ever. Haiyan packs winds over 200 kph and gust of over 260 kph.

          The strongest storm ever but is it the deadliest according to Wikipedia, it’s not, the deadliest storm, it is neither a super typhoon nor a typhoon it’s just a tropical storm, tropical storm, tropical storm Thelma local name Uring, Uring 1991 packs of just 75 kph winds but it rains that kills a lot of people, landslide from the mountain and an estimated 80000 people has perish. The most expensive storm so far is typhoon is super typhoon Bopha local name Pablo it hit island of Mindanao, Mindanao is the farming capital of the country, the typhoon hit an unprecedented 1 billion in damage dollars and leaves and estimated 1400 dead.  My most memorable Typhoon is Typhoon Ketsana local name Ondoy 2009, like Uring Ondoy is not as big nor as strong, but this typhoon packs rains of over a mouth of rain and eventually flooded the capital where I live.

      I am really very lucky that my parents place is not prone to typhoon, thank God. 

ps  if your are interested on Helping go to:  http://www.cnn.com.ph/SPECIALS/impact.your.world/


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