Yolanda the road to distraction


          When super typhoon Hyian was spotted last week meteorologist in the Philippines said that we need to prepare ‘this could be a super typhoon’; and it did. Wednesday last week, with well over 250 kilometers per hour of wind, well over 800 kilometers in diameter, this could be the strongest storm to ever hit land said CNN meteorologistImageImage

       Friday morning the storm make land fall in the Bicol region in the island of Luzon, it travel west, northwest in the speed of 45 KPH, then the super typhoon hits made another landfall in the island of Layte and then it’s 3rd landfall Roxas and then Palawan exiting in the south china sea Saturday afternoon; less than 2 days the storm stayed in the Philippines but it is as catastrophic as can be. In one city in particular the distraction is catastrophic, Tacloban City in the province Layte. The storm surge is  up to 15 feet or three miters, there had been too much rainfall and the wind this three components makes this storm so much devastating.

     In the aftermath of the storm is really devastating, many houses, many businesses and many lives have been destroyed. The official death toll is an estimated at about 250 but it’s fried that the death toll may raise to as much as 10,000 people in Layte alone.

     If you want to help the Philippines: this is what they need; water, food, shelter and cloths where to help Go to cnn.com/impact, CNN will direct you to the charities that can really help. If you have a love one who is in Lyate during the storm go http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/334739/news/nation/database-yolanda-missing-persons-inquiries

      As a Pilipino I was really sudden by this but I know that the Philippines will rise, quicker than you think. We are a strong nation as we always do. 


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