“A Question Of What’s Real”


The Dish


In an interview with The Believer, artist Chris Martin shares his thoughts on how the idea of “spirituality” applies to his work:

BLVR: The term spirituality is mentioned a lot around your paintings and I’m curious whether you agree with that connection.

CM: I think the word spirit comes from the Latin word for “breath”—spiritu—and I think the origin of the word spirituality has to do with breath and life force, the mysteries of the ancients and all this. The word is very suspect in much of the art world—the Western art world, now. Certainly, spirituality has become divorced from religious.

BLVR: Some people talk about how the art world is comparable to religion. It has a community, a shared language about something ineffable, a sort of icon worship.

CM: When people have a hard time with the word spirituality they’re assuming spirituality is something extra-mystical…

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