Climate change: a look at Hurricane and Typhoons


    This maybe the strongest storm that ever landfall, it is called Haiyan and it slams into the central Philippines, winds up to the 250 kilometers per hour and gustiness of up to 290 kilometers per hour . The question is this really is a sign of climate change? For expert on this field: Yes, they will argue, that this phenomenon is really due to climate change; ‘look the typhoon is really strong, there nothing like this in the history of meteorology. All though this may true but here is my take on this topic; in history there have many storms like this we do not notice storms like these because it die at sea [remember that ¾ of the world water] or it happen during pre historic times and we did not record what happen that time

    In America there are some devastating hurricanes as well like: the hurricane of 1900 witch a category four, hits Texas, and kills 2500, hurricane Katrina 2005 a category 4, Katrina hits  New Orleans and kills an estimated 1800  and just last year 2012 hurricane sandy a category 3 hits New York and New Jerseys kills almost 300. In the Philippines witch experiences at least 20 a year, they also experience a lot of devastating typhoons; like typhoon Ketsana 2009 local name Ondoy witch hit the province of Aurora travels to Manila, devastates not with the winds but with its rain and eventually its floods kills an estimate 700 people and just last December typhoon Bopha local name Pablo which hits the island of Mindanao and kills 1200.

    The bottom line is even if super typhoon Haiyan is devastating; this just not means that it is the end for the Pilipino people, our sprit will not changed we will be as thankful for help.

Arkin Johnson Manila PH.

 Thanks for reading 


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