The legalization of marijuana: a look at marijuana and the developing brain


        The question of whether or not to legalize marijuana is looming for years now, in Colorado and California where it’s legal, the question is if marijuana safe or not is still the top concern of people who opposed the legalization of it. What is marijuana? Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug and it’s very addictive, but is it dangerous? For adults it may be not compare to [like heroin and cocaine which is very dangerous] to but for it is dangerous for teenagers maybe because the brain is still developing. Here is an article I want to focus on the facts and debarks some of the myths, so let’s get started.

    As I said in the first paragraph Marijuana is dangerous for teenagers because the brain still growing [until like 23 years old] so what can it do for a young person brain because it alter the brain so it makes the brain hard to track the time [marijuana users does not know what time is] they also have a problem with decision making and in school. The latest component of the brain to mature is the decision making part of the brain; so you try to give a marijuana to a teenager and it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

     The bottom line is medical marijuana saves live there is no question about it; people who have sever epilepsy. This just this recreational marijuana which in the grey area of whether or not to legalize, but there are some benefits of marijuana too, like the creative part, for example Bob Dylan wrote a lot of his songs using this drug, Lastly, there is this question of is this safer than alcohol? Some people say Yes, there are far more deaths with alcohol than marijuana, so that is something to think about.



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