Child prodigy vs. Savant syndrome


                     In the history, measuring human intelligence, there have a lot of theory on human intelligence. What makes us intelligent; who is a genius and who is not? In the famous IQ test the person with the highest score this test is intelligence is called genius and the person who is lowest in the IQ test is called a moron. But Howard Gardner in his theory of multiple intelligences; says no, everyone has a unique talent and ability. Even a so called ‘moron’ has an innate talent.

     What is the deference between a prodigy and a savant? There is one critical deference; child prodigies are like any other child but they have skills like adults. E.g. Sungha Jung a 17 year old guitar prodigy from South Korea started playing at 9 and by 12 he is playing live concerts. But a savants the other hand mostly autistic, savants have a corresponding disability like Rex Lewis-Clack is a savant blind pianist from California who started learning the piano at the aged of 2 and by aged 7 playing live, but unlike Sungha, Rex have disability that is really severe he can’t carry on a simple conversation.

   The bottom line is an IQ test is neither accurate nor comprehensive because it only tested the logical mind, how about your other intelligences. For me the most accurate theory is Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence because it has more components that an IQ test; from Musical to mathematical to linguistic to artistic and to scientific.    


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