A rebel that he is John Lennon


            No other music icon is more rebellious than John Lennon; the question is to why Lennon is rebellious dates back to his childhood, when he was abandon by his dad at five, and when John’s mom Julia can’t afford to take care of him. He went on to live with his aunt Mimi.  Although Aunt Mimi and Uncle George love him the love of a parents are really deferent. When he is about 17 John’s mom Julia was struck by a police car and instantly died. That event struck John to his core. John Lennon is the most complicated man that I really know and I really love it about him.    


            It’s very interesting to me how an event in childhood can make or break the person. How? Because the brain remember the events  that happen in early childhood, according to a study done by the BBC documentary series Child of Our Time in 2002, you can still remember even the music your parents used to play to you in the womb even if you’re an  adult  you can unconsciously remember. So it’s very clear to me how the events of his childhood affected Lennon thru his lifetime.


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