A look at savant syndrome


            For some people having autism are a blessing, they won’t ever imagine a great talent; those people are called savants. Savants are people who have mostly severe autism they have a great talent. Savants’ syndrome is not really understood.

          What are the talents of savants, they are talent in arts, music and computer but most are calendar calculator. Calendar calculators are people who are very good at calculating what day in the year is the date, e.g. what day of a year is October 9 1940, and it is a Wednesday; even if they are intellectually capable of adding 1+1. How can they do it? It’s really `understood; but in study, the brain of a savant is weird differently.

       What makes a savant a savant? Savants have an extra ordinary talent with an extra ordinary disability in one body. Take for instants Rex Lewis-Clack, Rex 18 is blind autistic pianist, who can’t even tie his shoes but when he plays piano, [as in good piano] and even composed; there had been one drawback with him; he seems like he don’t fell what he is playing.

        Why are you interested on savant syndrome? How can you not be, they are really a freaks of nature in a good way because how can it be that a person with extreme disability that same person can have an extreme talent. God made us differently we have different roles in life that what makes us different.

      Thank  you for reading and may God bless you.


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