The Beatles and their musical genus


           I often been the question, why are you so drawn by the music of the Beatles, as a musician myself I love the Beatles because their music is so simple to play and to sing along. There is more to the Beatles than catchy songs; people are drawn to the Beatles unconsciously because of how they write their music, [even if they don’t play an instrument].

      What set the Beatles a part from like someone like Elvis?  Because John Lennon and Paul McCartney are two of the best composers around, they wrote great songs, and they wrote fast, over 300 songs in the Beatles 12 year stint. How did the Beatles did that, they don’t know how to read or write music and none of them did read or write music. The Beatles did that because they have a lot of time to practice; in Hamburg where they played for hours; not just rock and roll but show tunes, ballads so when the Beatles sat out to write music; they are ready.

      Do you consider Lennon/McCartney as two of the greatest composers of all time? The answer is a big YES because they bridge classical and popular music together. I will love the Beatles forever.



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