Racial profiling: In light on the Tryvon Martin case


In the light of the Tryvon Martin case the question emerges did George Zimmerman racial profile Tryvon, what is racial profiling? Racial profiling is when you look or question what the person’s intentions are; base on their race or status in life. It’s not really clear because the judge makes it very clear that the defense and prosecution that the term ‘racial profiling’ can’t be used and that it have no relevance in the in case.

Who are the most venerable to racial profiling? Black people epically, the young black boys, because this group of people came from. Black people are brought to the US by English men in early 1800. Even Oprah Winfrey had been profile recently, one of the richest women, it happen while shopping for a bag In Sweden: when she asks for the bag, the sales clerk refuses to show her the bag because “she could not afford it”. The bag is 30 thousand dollars and Oprah is worth well over 2.5 billion dollars she can really buy the bag in an instant. So as the old saying go: Do not judge a book by its cover.


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