Gay stereo types


       Gay people have a lot of myths and misconception about them; this is a good thing and bad thing. Stereo types are good thing because at list you have an idea of how they are, and it’s a bad thing for the opposite idea

       I will give you a rundown of the gay stereo types hoping that you can at list think about it. Let’s get started:

  • Ø Gay people are cowards and they can’t be in the military, not true gay people are not cowards they are really in the US military
  • Ø Gay men are fashionable, and lesbians manly looking, this true 75 percent, for man and 60 percent , because not all gay men are fashionable take for instance Anderson Cooper, Anderson is the son of fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt but Anderson wears only a t-shirt  and denim pants all the time and country singer Chely  Wright is very girly and good looking. so it’s not true 100 percent of the time
  • Gay people are husband and wife stealers. This is never true because gay people like everybody else want happiness and stability in love and life.

          Gay people are just like all of us. So they want us  to understand them. 


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