ADHD and Classroom management


       If you have son or daughter with ADHD as you know it’s hard but it’s harder for their teachers. Inside the classroom there are a lot of distractions. For teachers of 30 students it’s really hard to contain the class not alone with children with ADHD.

For teachers your classroom is hard so here are some of the ways to contain children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

  •  These are some general ideas to think of: is seating the child in front of class necessary because for some children it will not work, there are a lot of things happening in front, so seating the child in front is not the very good idea.
  •  Using a chart is a very good idea, for them, they need structure.
  •  Especially when they are writing. Writing is one of the hardest tasks for people in general let alone people who have ADHD. Because of the fact that they have a tendency to be impulsive when they are writing.
  • Teach the child signals: for example instead of shouting JOHN, JOHN, and JOHN you can tell him a sign like: pulling your ears, or the quiet sign, this serve as a signal to him to stop. For this to work you need first call the child’s name.
  • A kid with ADHD needs to move in order for them to focus. So kids can run errands to e.g. get chalk for teacher.

  ‘       Lastly kids with ADHD are very intelligence so give them your love and understanding to shine at school and in life. 


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