Gay people in Religion: a look religious view on homosexuality



  Different religions have deferent views about almost everything things, who is God, what is right or wrong and their moral code. But they really have they have one thing in common; they really condemn homosexuality as if it’s a biggest sin on earth. I will going to cover five major religions here:

          Judaism is the oldest religion of western world. Do you know that the first 5 books from the bible came from the Jewish bible; [the Tanakh] so what is on Leviticus is what they believe.

         Buddhism views on homosexuality are that people should have make a big deal out of sex.

          Christianity is the world largest religion that account to 1/3 of the world’s population like the Jews, Christians condemns homosexuality, as if it is a sin but it’s not.  

       Islam is very interesting because they really condemn homosexuality to the highest from. In fact they today in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and much of the Arab world gay people are being killed or jelled.

         Hinduism has no definitive rules on Homosexuality.

       Lastly, what religion is trying is not what religion is trying to do. God or Allah created us equal and loves us equal.



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