Famous Dyslexics


           Dyslexia is the most common learning Disability so there no doubt that some famous celebrities who dyslexia too. In this article I will write about 2 people who have been really diagnose with dyslexia. They are journalist Anderson Cooper and comedian Jay Leno.

          Anderson Hays Cooper Is an award winning journalist, author from CNN, who literarily writes his own piece. Anderson was diagnosed with dyslexia when he is about 8 years old. It was really hard for him to read, so to not be caught up a young Anderson carries book with him everywhere he went. Trough practice Anderson learns to read and write.

       Jay Leno is an award winning comedian. Unlike Anderson, Jay is not very studious but he has a talented comic. 

            Anderson Cooper and Jay Leno are two different people but they have a thing in common they both have dyslexia.

    If a person you love has dyslexia remember that God give makes you that disability for a reason.       


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