Gay rights revolution in AMERICA



              Gay rights movement started in early 1970’s as a breakaway group of the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s. Be noted that Gay people aren’t allowed party together but now they are given full federal benefits. We are really far fetch in issues of bullying and discrimination in schools and in the workplaces.

              If you read the blog you probably know that I am writing about this for some time now. I am really invested in this topic. For me “equal rights” is one of America’s greatest assets. in the 1960s throw the 1990s gay people are taught to be this hardheaded folks who choose to be like  that but now thanks science gay people are in my opinion full fledge citizen of the United States.

           When Harvey Milk was assonated gay people where jailed because they are not allowed to congregate together. When Andrew Sullivan wrote Virtually Normal in 1995 gay people laugh at him for defending their right to merry, by 2012 the Supreme Court rule against the Defense of Marriage act or DOMA. In many gay people’s lifetime they see the worst and best of what America is about.

        We are all created Equal, there is no other way to be an American is just to treat our selves equally.


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