ADHD positive attributes and possible jobs


             Persons with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD are unfocused, forgetful and hyperactive. They are annoying at times; people with ADHD have positive traits and attributes. They should first be guided on what should do. They have High IQ.

            Person with ADHD are highly creative, are very flexible, and has a high energy and a capability to hyper foucus. They should be should be held to a higher standard because they can be really good at things that will really stunned you.

          Persons with ADHD can be an entrepreneur, in journalism, arts and music. The nine to five job doesn’t suet them like hotel jobs call center jobs and desk assistant. They will be so board. They need their time to run errands for people.

        Lastly if you and someone you love have ADHD, you need to accept your selves or people who you love suffering with ADHD.



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