Why is same sex marriage important?


        In the AIDS epidemic that crept around in the Gay community in the 1990’s, suddenly Andrew Sullivan wrote Virtually Normal; a book that said that it is your right to merry. It was revolutionary at the time the idea of gay people can merry, but Andrew did not stop reminding us why is Gay marriage important? The right of marriage is I think one of our fundamental rights, as a human being. We should not be depriving them of that right only because they are gay.

     From a legal standpoint here is how same sex marriage very important, there are lot of legal rights in being married. Such as,  

      *immigration- the right to bring your partner to the United States as your partner

       *medical benefits

       *Death Benefits – sometimes gay people didn’t tell their family that they are gay, if they get     sick and died; you can be ban in his or her funereal

     What If my church doesn’t marry us? It’s very apparent to not perform marriage to you, same sex marriage is not force to them, it should be perform at City halls or town halls to be recognize by the country that you are married.

        Lastly we are created equal by God, Isn’t nice to see them as regular people who have rights.


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