Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people in the United State, after accident homicide. Although in kids it’s rare, the rate of suicides in teenagers is very high. It’s because a teenager brain is developing so rapidly. Girls are more likely to attempt suicide but boys are more likely to die because of suicide, boys are doing more violent and gory attempts.

          How can parents know if their children is depress? By talking about to them about how they feel even if they are young as [7 or 8 years old]. How can I know if my teen wants to commit suicide? You can’t really tell if your child, but here are some tell-tell signs; talks about being dead or dying, write songs, poems and essay about dying and give away his stuff.

          What if a child dies of suicide? A death of a child is so painful for a parent, let alone suicide. So it’s ok to Cry and fell sad all the time, there is no time limit for crying. I want to throw in some piece of saying there is nothing like CLOSURE in SUICIDE, that is just a TV word.



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