Depression: a silent disorder


               What is depression? It is a disorder in which makes people very sad for little to no apparent reason. Depression is a brain disorder not just this made up thing that some people made us to believe. People with this disorder have a 4 times chance of killing themselves than people who don’t. Depression runs in family so if your parents are depress you may felt depress.

           Can children get depress? 50 years ago we often think that children are children they don’t know about life, but think again children are affected by their parents break up, the bully at school that tell them mean stuff at school. Children get depress a lot that previously believe.

           What is the deference between sadness and major depression?  Sadness is just sadness and major depression is a chemical in balance in someone brain. Sadness can lead to major depression if someone addresses their sadness.   

         Is there a demographic of people that are more susceptible to depression?  Yes studies have shown people who are in their teen because the teen age years that is really confuse on what they are going to do with their lives.

              Depression is not any other disorder when you did not threat it you can do harm to yourself/.



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