Created Equal: An argument for gay rights


         “We are all created equal” that is what president Abraham Lincoln said in Gettysburg during the American civil war but here is the question do we treat our neighbor equal?  The quick answer is a big off course NOT. In fact we have biases and it’s natural. In a study done at Yale University we have biases even as a baby, it’s embedded in our DNA.  But by education and an open mind we can change our natural inclination.

         What is the deference between rights and privilege? A right must be for everyone but a privilege is not for everyone. For example not everyone can go private school but everyone can go to public school.

        Therefore we need to have equal rights for LGBT in marriage in the workplace, and in the military but here is the catch that you cannot have sex with the same sex that it’s abomination. I really dismiss this but I won’t argue with the bible. I believe in people civil right, the right of marriage the right to serve in the military and the right for a dissent job.

       In the end we are all created in God’s Image, we need to love our neighbors , as we love our self.



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